660 W Avenue J Lancaster, CA 93534-3545

Violation 40
DISPENSER DISREPAIR / UNAPPROVED / SUPPLIES / MISSING / TIME Examples Include: Empty / leaking / missing soap and / or towel dispenser, Using bar soap or unapproved cloth towels, No soap or towel are available on the premises but are provided by the end of inspection, Observed food employee washing hands for approximately four seconds
Violation 61
DRAIN LINE / FLOOR SINK / FLOOR DRAIN UNAPPROVED DISCHARGE / INSTALLATION / MATERIALS / LEAKING / CLOGGED / NOT CLEAN Examples Include: Refrigerator unit draining to a bucket / floor / pan / exterior, Drain line without an air gap, Slow drain / clogged drain at the floor sink in the bar area (not overflowing), Unsecured flexible drain line used for discharge from refrigerator, Drain line is leaking from any sink (e.g., mop sink, hand wash sink), Food preparation sink / ice machine drain line is directly connected to the sewer, Uncapped sewer clean out, Drain line from condensate pan is leaking in walk-in refrigerator, Floor sink observed with food debris